The Greenspace

A park has its perks.

Partnerships and grants have already been provided to help fund the creation of additional parks, open space and landscaped walking paths.

Bloomhaven is where we grow, together. When we embarked on our journey to revitalize the Bardwell neighborhood, we noticed a lack of open space and parks in the neighborhood: we’re fixing that with new walking paths, landscaped open space, and a new neighborhood park. We come together on the green to create the community we all crave.

This enhanced living experience is truly unique. After an era of division and deficiency, new connections bloom. Bloomhaven will be seamlessly connected to the surrounding neighborhood through the system of landscaped walking paths, fostering connectivity, livability and a superior quality of life.

A New Community Amenity

Everyone grows with The Greenspace at Bloomhaven. To better integrate and reconnect the campus and Bardwell Elementary to the surrounding neighborhood, landscaped walked paths are built in along the perimeter and