Medical & Wellness Center

Sideview of Bloomhaven

Room to bloom.

Building: First two floors of the 1970’s East Wing building approx. 45,000 sq. ft.

Status: Lease Negotiations Ongoing

When Copley Hospital moved out, so did the neighborhood’s access to community health care. Bloomhaven’s 45,000 square foot commercial health care centers are here to address the lack of locally accessible health care. Because care is the cornerstone of our campus.

The leased providers of our health care center will help support the immediate care needs of the community and provide residents of Bardwell and Weston Bridges with readily available medical care.

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Convenient & Quality Care For All

There is 45,000 square feet of space available to lease.
The first two floors will be dedicated to providing the campus residents and the broader neighborhood with medical care and services. Our goal is to ensure the community has access to an array of medical providers and services that are innovative, supportive, and inclusive.

Our healthcare campus will also include community organizations whose missions align with our intent to improve the health and wellness of the entire Aurora ecosystem.

45,000 Square Feet of Space Available to Lease

Join other healthcare and community organizations and take advantage of this unique location opportunity in a historic East Aurora redevelopment. We have units between 1,000-10,000 square feet available with flexible leasing terms, including TI and CAM. Plus, all tenants get access to our 1,800 square foot lobby, 24-hour security, basement storage, and more!