At our innovative, one-of-a-kind campus, we are trailblazing transformation for all phases of life.

Restoring a long-abandoned property, our interconnected campus has three pillars – Bardwell Senior Living Residences, Weston Bridges, and an easily accessible commercial and medical space dedicated to education and wellness. On a large greenspace that brings people closer, community and care are our cornerstones and growth is our goal.

Bloomhaven is a place of peace and security, of safety and refuge, of renewal and vitality, where residents can grow, prosper and become the best version of themselves. Where local community members can gather together on-campus and kids can play at the park.  Where people impact one another’s  lives, and have their own lives touched in turn.

Because Bloomhaven is about beginnings –a base where young blossoms and full blooms soak up the sunshine and learn to soar.

Aerial view of Bloomhaven and surrounding properties
Aerial view of Weston Bridges

Weston Bridges

A revolutionary community for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Enjoy the kind of independence you’ve always wanted, with the support of the community you’ve always needed.

A photo showing the front of Bardwell Residences

Bardwell Residences

Put the living in senior living. Enjoy a life of purpose and individuality, of fun and wellness, of dignity and independence at Bardwell Residences.

A photo showing the Bloomhaven Medical and Wellness Center

Medical & Wellness Center

The Bloomhaven Medical and Wellness Center strives to increase the well-being of its residents and neighbors through direct access to a wide range of services, via its state-of-the art medical office space.

Greenspace playground Fox Valley


Enjoy Fox Valley Park District’s one-of-a-kind park where kids, family, and friends can enjoy events, education and recreation.

A photo of the new East Aurora School District 131 Headquaters

Education: New East Aurora School District HQ

Education makes Bloomhaven the destination. The new consolidated headquarters for East Aurora School District 131 is located directly across the street from Bardwell Elementary School. The new facility includes offices, training rooms and a community meeting room.

A photo showing a cityscape and bridge in Aurora, IL

Aurora, IL Live. Work. Play. Stay.

There’s a reason they call it “The City of Lights”. Anyone can enjoy a shining future in this bustling metropolis.

A diverse downtown community brimming with life and opportunity, Aurora is rich in history and richer in pride. Called “One of the Top 10 Most Engaged Cities” by Bloomberg Philanthropies and “The Best City in the United States to Live the American Dream” by SmartAsset, this well-run haven continues to rise.

Safely nestled along the historic Fox River, there’s no telling what stories will unfold for you!

A group of local business leaders who created Bloomhaven.

Our History

The budding idea of Bloomhaven came when a group of local business leaders formed Fox Valley Park District with one goal; to preserve and repurpose the historic Copley campus and transform the Bardwell neighborhood.