Bloom Haven
What is Bloom Haven?


To better understand how to work alongside God...

Bloom Haven is an experiment in small farm creation. The 5 acre plot hugs a southeast-facing slope of the Eola Hills in the Northern Willamette Valley. The soil type is Yamhill silt loam. The highest point is 540 ft with the average slope of 18%. 


The original Douglas fir forest cover was logged by previous owners nearly 20 years ago. Poison oak, Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberries and thistles took over. The area is home to a large deer population.


Soil improvement is my primary concern. Diversification and rotation of crops, cover cropping and heavy mulching will be employed. Since the slope is moderate, many of the farming processes will include erosion control methods like contour planting, swales and bench terracing. All practices must be kept simple and manageable by one person. The heavy deer presence requires fencing and hedgerow planting in the orchard and berry growing areas.

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